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Jon & the Nightriders

Surf Beat '80

Here is the first-ever CD reissue of Jon & The Nightriders' debut album from 1980 with 6 additional bonus tracks - all unreleased! Surf Beat '80 was a major statement in the surf revival that started the previous year. Lots of people noticed, including none other than Dick Dale! In fact, Dick Dale provided liner notes for the original release, which have been reproduced here along with John Blair's own notes about the band and the album sessions. All of the tracks have been remixed for maximum impact!

The late Greg Shaw, owner of the L.A.-based Bomp Records label, had the idea for this album after hearing the band's debut single in 1979. (Don't worry - we'll include those tracks on a later release!) Shaw wanted to release an entire surf instrumental album by Jon & The Nightriders on Bomp.

The band lineup for Surf Beat '80 was John Blair (lead guitar), Dusty Watson (drums), Jeff "Niki Syxx" Nicholson (bass), and the late Ed Black on rhythm guitar (under the pseudonym Eddy B'Gianni). Ed Black was a well-known session player specializing in the country-rock arena, and his impressive participation on this album was greatly appreciated. The six bonus tracks were recorded shortly afterward with new rhythm guitarist Dave Wronski. To promote the album, the band hit the road and reached audiences in many different countries. The surf revival was on!

The surf classics, rarities and originals on Surf Beat '80 set the bar for further Jon & The Nightriders releases.

Here's the track listing:


  1. Banzai Washout
  2. Kamikaze
  3. Bombora
  4. Riptide
  5. Rumble At Waikiki
  6. Mr. Moto
  7. Surf Beat
  8. Depth Charge
  9. The Force Of Gravity
  10. Latin'ia
  11. Bombay Beach
  12. Super Jet Rumble
  13. Baja
  14. Moment Of Truth


  1. Surfari
  2. Journey To The Stars
  3. Over The Rainbow
  4. The Truant
  5. Surf Rider
  6. Suicide Bay
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