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Things have changed quite a bit recently! We have updated editions of Yardbirds, Zombies, Manfred Mann, three Frank Zappa-related books, plus Candy Zappa's new book on her late husband Nolan Porter.

"Flying Colours: The Jethro Tull Reference Manual" is released at the end of January 2023!

The new editions are now available here as PDFs, or via print-on-demand through Amazon. Use the links on each book page below, and you can obtain the books you want and have them printed and sent from your country or a nearby country.

To view a brilliant collection of concert photos, please check out Michael Brito's site at: Classic Rock Concert Photos.

For bookstore/library orders, please go to: Ingram.


Ancient Armaments:
The Frank Zappa Singles Project
Cosmik Debris:
The Collected History &
Improvisations Of Frank Zappa
My Brother Was A Mother: Take 4
(by Patrice "Candy" Zappa)
Chances: And How To Take Them
(by Francis V. Zappa)
If I Could Only Be Sure: The Life Of Nolan Porter
(by Patrice "Candy" Zappa)

Flying Colours:
The Jethro Tull Reference Manual
The Ultimate Rave-Up
The Five Phases Of Manfred Mann
Time Of The Season:
The Zombies Collector's Guide

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