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Nolan Porter

Nolan - No Apologies/ Nolan

Nolan Porter's fans have always wanted both of his albums on CD, and here they are! "Nolan - No Apologies" and "Nolan" have been joined by 3 bonus tracks and feature the Northern Soul classics "If I Could Only Be Sure," "Keep On Keeping On" and "Oh Baby." Fans throughout Europe have been loving Nolan Porter's live performances of these songs and many others. Completely remastered and sounding wonderful, Nolan Porter continues to deliver the goods!

Fans purchasing the CD will obtain a free PDF of liner notes and credits for these albums. The notes include an exclusive interview with Nolan. We will send you the PDF as soon as we process your order!

Here's the track listing:


  1. Iron Out The Rough Spots
  2. Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
  3. What Would You Do If I Did That To You
  4. Gwendolyn
  5. The Fifth One
  6. Travelin' Song
  7. Somebody's Gone (Mix #1)
  8. Don't Make Me Color My Black Face Blue
  9. Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
  10. Somebody's Cryin'


  1. I Like What You Give
  2. Groovin' (Out On Life)
  3. Somebody's Gone (Mix #2)
  4. Work It Out In The Morning
  5. Oh Baby
  6. If I Could Only Be Sure
  7. Crazy Love
  8. Singer Man
  9. Let's Burn Down The Cornfield (Remix)
  10. Keep On Keeping On


  1. Only A Thought Away
  2. Bird Without A Song (1980 Version)
  3. Alive (with Patrice "Candy" Zappa and Neonfire)
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