Time Of The Season: The Zombies Collector's Guide


Once again, Greg has produced another fully authorized book - all five ZOMBIES contributed enthusiastically to this recently released classic. A Zombies fan will rave over Greg's history of the band, their songs and their solo careers. This goes beyond the Zombie Heaven box set - this is the most complete and accurate history of The Zombies, and the band has confirmed it! All of The Zombies are still involved in the music industry in one way or another, and this book fills you in on that as well. The creative process involved with each of their recordings is laid out in great detail, enabling the reader to fully enjoy their songs. A "thank you" note to Zombies fans, written by bass player Chris White and signed by all five members, is included along with Greg's noted discographical completeness. It doesn't get any better than this! But wait - yes it does! Greg has just updated this book into a new 124-page edition (20 more pages than the last one)!

$12.95 for printed book (new lower price), $10 for PDF (124 pages)

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