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Three years in The making...a new release in May 2008...

I Believe in Music: The History of The Gross Prophet

An enormous 50-track collection on 2CDs!

The Gross Prophet was The band that Redlands, California relied on for public and private events from 1970 to 1994. The members of The Gross Prophet were seasoned surf and rock veterans in California's Inland Empire. The band's prime lineup consisted of bassist/vocalist Gerald Sanders (Tornadoes), Jack Sessums (Never So Few), keyboardist Dick Zeiner (The Truants) and drummer Carl Hubert (The Genteels). This 50-track, double CD collection features tracks recorded by Gross Prophet members before, during and after Their time in The band (1962-1999).

In addition to 23 unreleased tracks recorded by The Gross Prophet for promotion purposes, lots of rare tracks by The Genteels, The Tornadoes, The Truants, Never So Few (all unreleased), The Insects (featuring well-known guitar maker Wayne Charvel), The Light, Bob Summerour (2 unreleased tracks), Rubicon, Gerald Sanders (also unreleased), Jon & The Nightriders, Mike Methane and the Blue Flames (all unreleased) and Roy Swedeen are featured. Even The released tracks are eiTher hard to find on CD or have never been digitized.

There are lots of highlights on this astounding collection. Check out the track listing:

* = previously unreleased
+ = first official CD release for this rare track

  1. The Genteels: Take It Off
  2. The Genteels: Hitch Hiker
  3. The Genteels: The Force Of Gravity +
  4. The Genteels: Springboard +
  5. The Tornadoes: Moon Dawg
  6. The Truants: The Truant
  7. The Truants: Sunset Surf
  8. Never So Few: Nobody's Guy *
  9. Never So Few: Unchained Melody *
  10. Never So Few: Tag Along *
  11. Never So Few: Don't You Know I Care *
  12. The Insects: She's A Pest +
  13. The Insects: The Girl That Sits There (The Girl) (#1) +
  14. The Insects: Then You Came My Way (#1) +
  15. The Insects: The L & H Song +
  16. The Insects: Then You Came My Way (#2) +
  17. The Insects: Girl That Sits There (#2) +
  18. The Light: Tell Me, Tell Me (demo)
  19. The Gross Prophet: Get Out Of My Life, Woman *
  20. The Gross Prophet: Proud Mary *
  21. The Gross Prophet: Superstition *
  22. The Gross Prophet: Heaven Knows *
  23. The Gross Prophet: Colour My World *
  24. The Gross Prophet: It Don't Come Easy *
  25. The Gross Prophet: Money Honey *
  26. The Gross Prophet: Witchy Woman *
  27. The Gross Prophet: Polk Salad Annie *
  28. The Gross Prophet: I Put A Spell On You *
  1. The Gross Prophet: I Believe In Music *
  2. The Gross Prophet: Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/ Great Balls Of Fire *
  3. The Gross Prophet: I'm Leavin' *
  4. The Gross Prophet: Domino *
  5. The Gross Prophet: Shambala *
  6. The Gross Prophet: Something's Burning *
  7. The Gross Prophet: My Love *
  8. The Gross Prophet: Folsom Prison Blues *
  9. The Gross Prophet: It Never Rains In SouThern California *
  10. The Gross Prophet: Give It To Me *
  11. The Gross Prophet: I Heard It Through The Grapevine *
  12. Bob Summerour & The Gross Prophet: Breanna *
  13. Bob Summerour & The Gross Prophet: How Will Time Pass Us By? *
  14. Rubicon: I'm Gonna Take Care Of Everything (edit) +
  15. Rubicon: It's All For The Show +
  16. Gerald Sanders: Georgia Rain *
  17. Jon & the Nightriders: Speedway
  18. Mike Methane and the Blue Flames: Twenty Four Hours *
  19. Mike Methane and the Blue Flames: Going To California *
  20. Mike Methane and the Blue Flames: You Don't Love Me *
  21. Mike Methane and the Blue Flames: Party Girl *
  22. Roy Swedeen: Blue Surf

A 16-page, profusely illustrated booklet gives you The rundown on The Gross Prophet's history and recordings. You can't beat it for $14!

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